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Dear Visitor,

The Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Fribourg has a strong tradition of excellence in teaching in preclinical disciplines and in research in neurosciences, membrane biochemistry and cell signaling, cardiovascular biology and metabolism.

The introduction of the 3rd year of the Bachelor program in Medicine and of a Master program in Biomedical Sciences in conjunction with the University of Bern, has reinforced and expanded existing research topics and expertise’s in the fields of anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology and initiated new ones.

This and the growing interactions between the Department of Medicine, the Department of Biology, the Adolphe Merkle Institute (AMI) in nanosciences, and the Canton Hospital (HFR), make Fribourg an attractive place for transdisciplinary research in Life Sciences.

This portal will give an overview of the research topics and activities pursued at our Department and guide you to the specific research groups involved.
You can identify areas of research by browsing areas of competences by clicking on DISCIPLINES or search specific topics by clicking on RESEARCH TOPICS

Thank you for your interest in our research activities and we wish you a fruitful visit!

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