Attend the information meeting

  • Welcome session organized before the semester by the IRO
  • Necessary documents (student card, e-account, certificate of registration) will be given out then along with other important information
  • Meeting with other students and ESN

Registration for the service of immigration

You have the obligation to register for the SPOMI (service of immigration) as soon as you arrive in Fribourg.

Citizens of the EU/EFTA: possibility to register by postal mail
Citizens of non EU/EFTA: obligation to go personnaly to the SPOMI

Documents need for the Student Permit application:

  • 2 recent ID photos
  • 1 copy of your passport or identity card (+ 1 copy of visa if given)
  • 1 original certificate of registration at the University of Fribourg
  • Entry form (in French or German) of the SPOMI carefully completed and signed

The Residency Permit will be sent to your address in Switzerland with the bill.


  • The Residency Permit costs between CHF 100 to 200.- depending on your home country and the duration of your stay
  • The Length of your stay is limited (dates of your certificate of registration at the University) and can be extend only for outstanding case

Health Insurance

Check that you have a valid insurance during your stay in Switzerland. More information on this website.

Registration with your municipality

You have to register:

  • go to the municipality office (Fribourg, Givisiez, Marly, etc.)
  • show your Residency Permit
  • show the copy of your insurance
  • pay the fee (appr. CHF 20.-)

Address and Phone number in Fribourg

Update your personal datas in mydata:

  • your address in Fribourg
  • your phone number in Fribourg
  • emergency phone number in your home country

Grant / Scholarship (for SEM Programme / ISEP Programme / Scholarshipholders)

In order to get your scholarship, you have to open a bank/postal account and fill in the documents given by the IRO.

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