Students who have completed their studies or who decide to interrupt their studies must exmatriculate.

Application for exmatriculation

Applications for exmatriculation must be submitted via MyUniFR.

  Go to MyUniFr

Once your application has been processed, an attestation of exmatriculation will be available on MyUniFR.


Reimbursement of the semester tuition fee

Students who have paid the semester tuition fee for the semester in which they exmatriculate can request reimbursement of this fee. However, such applications will only be granted if made before the deadlines, as follows:

Autumn semester 15th October
Spring semester 15th March


Effects of exmatriculation

Students who have been exmatriculated may not attend lectures, exercises or seminars, participate in practical work, hand in written work, register for examinations or use University facilities.

After exmatriculation, students must make a new application for admission to the University if they wish to resume their studies.